Kids Sleepover Teepee Parties Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of

A sleepover party has come a long way from snuggling inside a Rainbow Bright sleeping bag, in a make-shift den on the living room floor. They’ve become luxurious, themed, set ups with extravagant decorations and bespoke extras.

It seems like it’s the hottest kids party trend – sleepover parties are having a moment, with different celebrities hosting some stunning glamping scenes at their homes.

Here are eight of my favourite celebrity sleepover parties, in no particular order:

1. Rochelle Humes

This is one of my favourite luxury sleepovers featured on the list, because of its elegant style and the attention to detail. The ‘rose gold glamour’ set up was created by The Snug Teepee Event Company for Rochelle’s daughter Alaia’s 6th birthday.

Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram

Alaia’s plush bedroom was decorated with rose gold and white coloured teepees, along with beautiful floral and ivy foliage. Individual A-frame tents were set up for each child to sleep in with pretty lights and hanging hearts. White duvets were rolled up and accompanied with rose gold ribbon and handwritten calligraphy tags.

Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Video: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

A peg board welcome sign sat amongst the teepees, as well as a basket full of goody bags designed by Make It Friday. Each bag featured the child’s initial inside a cute ivy wreath design, fastened with a rose gold ribbon bow. There was even a goody bag for the family dog Ginger!

Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram

Personalised pink pyjamas hung from a miniature clothes rail ready for the girls spa experience set out in Rochelle’s lavish kitchen.

Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram

The spa station included mirror, hair band, glass bowl, flannel, nail file, applicator brush and natural scrub, face mask and moisturiser for each child. Mummy had a place setting too.

Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Image: Rochelle Humes / Instagram
Video: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

2. Peter Andre

Image: Teepee Vibe Tribe / Instagram

Peter surprised his daughter Princess on her 13th birthday with the ultimate girly sleepover, complete with wigwam style tents and hamper baskets full of delicious treats. Teepee Vibe Tribe transformed Peter’s cinema room into a ‘pretty in pink’ slumber party. Glamorous, girly and totally gorgeous! Perfect for any teenager.

Image: Teepee Vibe Tribe / Instagram

Muted tones of baby pink, blush and rose gold ran throughout the bedding, cushions and accessories. The gorgeous tents had pretty lace and pom-pom detail with pink floral fairy lights decorating the front opening.

Video: Peter Andre / Instagram

A low level picnic table was decorated with a rose gold glittery table runner, pretty rose garland, candle holders, bird cages, and some pamper spa packs which co-ordinated with the hanging robes on the fireplace. A mini cinema light box announced the birthday surprise.

Image: Teepee Vibe Tribe / Instagram

Placed beside the tents were two hamper baskets filled with a stash of goodies perfect for a midnight feast. Snacks included popcorn, crisps, sweets, biscuits and drink.

Image: Teepee Vibe Tribe / Instagram

A balloon column by Floating Fancies completed the display. The pink and rose gold balloons encased some beautiful floral pieces and helped tie the whole theme together.

3. Sam Faiers

Another one of my favourite luxury sleepovers! I love the colours, adore the theme and admire the tiny details that make this one so special. The set up was inspired by ‘The Greatest Showman’ for Sam’s niece Nelly who was celebrating her 5th birthday.

Image: Sam Faiers / Instagram

The traditional circus themed teepees by Little Lavvu Events featured red and white striped canopies with twinkling fairy lights. Two of the A-frame tents were topped with a lion and elephant animal head, the remaining two were topped with striped acrobatic hoops.

Image: Little Lavvu Events / Instagram

The children had a super comfy sleepover with memory foam mattress, soft cushions, cosy blanket and fluffy sheepskin rug. Clark & Beau provided the children with luxurious monogrammed pyjamas.

Breakfast trays were perched at the bottom of each mattress, which featured keepsake nametags by Calligraphy Payal who had written in gold calligraphy ink. These were accompanied by a circus admission ticket and gold lantern. This level of detail is just divine!

Image: Little Lavvu Events / Instagram

Nelly’s tray displayed a delicious drip style cake made by Butter & Scotch. The circus themed dessert was perfectly co-ordinated with red and gold circus themed cake toppers designed by EOX Cake Toppers.

Image: Little Lavvu Events / Instagram
Video: EOX Cake Toppers / Instagram

Glitz & Gigglez created an eye-catching balloon garland pulling the whole theme together with blue, red and metallic gold colours. The set up made for the perfect night of dreams!

Image: Glitz & Gigglez / Instagram
Video: Little Lavvu Events / Instagram

4. Myleene Klass

To celebrate Myleene’s daughter Ava turning 12 she arranged a stunning spa and beauty glamping experience for the birthday girl and her friends.

Image: Myleene Klass / Instagram
Video: Sleepy Teepee UK / Instagram

A bell tent was set up by Sleepy Teepee UK in a ‘rose garden’ theme with co-ordinated shades of baby pink, blush and rose gold décor with ivy garland foliage. Pretty bunting gave the tent a vintage garden vibe and helium balloons provided some visual height to the large tent. A floral hoop wreath hung in the centre giving a charming focal point to guests as they walked in.

Image: Myleene Klass / Instagram
Video: Myleene Klass / Instagram

Each child had a luxury mattress dressed in linens, cushions and blankets as well as a swan shaped night light. Extras included a rustic wooden tray with personalised chalkboard, mug, weekend gift bag and personalised night tops creating the most relaxing sleepover party.

Image: Myleene Klass / Instagram

Fluffy rugs were laid out on the floor giving a cosy feeling to the outdoor glamping experience. Sparkle boxes filled with pamper products were perched at the bottom of each bed. The boxes were filled with towelling robe, face cloth, sleep mask and slippers. The children were also treated some more pamper treats which were set to the side of the bell tent. This included face mask, face scrub, and a bath bomb for each of the girls to pop into a foot spa.

Video: Myleene Klass / Instagram

Ava designed her own birthday cake with different bottles of pink nail polish. The custom-made cake was made by The Cake Store UK.

Image: Myleene Klass / Instagram

Video: Myleene Klass / Instagram

5. Abbey Clancy

Another one on the list from The Snug Teepee Event Company, and it does not disappoint! Abbey’s daughter Sophia celebrated her 9th birthday in style with this elegant ‘cherry blossom’ themed sleepover.

Image: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

The teepee set up was decorated in muted and blush pinks, ivory and gold. Faux cherry blossom branches in miniature milk bottles sat on each breakfast tray, and the floral blossom design continued through to the soft cushions and to the tent toppers.

Each child got to sleep in an individual A-frame tent with twinkly lights and pom-pom bunting. White duvets were rolled up and tied with pink ribbon and fluffy eye mask. The show stopper was the extravagant balloon garland assembled by Bubblegum Balloons which matched the gorgeous muted tones of the teepee accessories perfectly.

Image: Bubblegum Balloons / Instagram

An elegant trolley sat on the corner of the teepee camp filled with delicious treats. Choc Pops prepared a gorgeous selection of personalised pic and mix sweets, candy floss sticks and white chocolate lollies.  

Image: Choc Pops / Instagram
Video: Choc Pops / Instagram

Avec Amis Cakes created a stunning two-tier cake of soft watercolours with handmade sugar cherry blossom. The cake had an understated beauty. A cute panda bear topper was added.

Pink pyjamas from H A Designs hung from a miniature clothes rail ready for the girls’ spa experience set out on Abbey’s dining table. The cherry blossom floral décor continued as it hung from the clothes rail and was displayed in bottles on the dessert table; making everything visually flow together.

The spa station included fruit juice, mirror, hair band, glass bowl, flannel, nail file, applicator brush and natural scrub and moisturiser for each child. Just wow!

Image: Abbey Clancy / Instagram

6. Robbie Williams

From my list so far you would be forgiven in thinking I only like pretty pink set ups… but I did include the adorable circus theme earlier, and this amazingly detailed ‘dragon and knights theme’ is not to be missed!

Image: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

Robbie took his son Charlie on a journey back in time to the coolest medieval sleepover party. He celebrated his 5th birthday with a row of white A-frame teepee tents decorated in navy and gold accessories.  

Video: Ayda Field Williams / Instagram

The Snug Teepee Event Company created a mini medieval village with an artificial camp fire and dragon shield cushions. I promise you I have no affiliation with the company. I know this is the third set up I have included by the same company, but I genuinely love their work! I promise no favouritism, just appreciation ❤

Image: Make It Friday / Instagram

Everything visually flowed; the navy and gold tent toppers designed by Ready Steady Felt were shaped in the design of a shield with the slogan ‘Be Brave’. The colour co-ordinated led fairy lights from Cable & Cotton matched perfectly. They must have looked amazing once the lights went out.

Image: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

The white duvets were rolled up and tied with navy striped ribbon, and accompanied by handwritten calligraphy tags with medieval themed gold coins – made by Sara Aherne.

Image: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

I loved the Make It Friday party bag designs made for this particular theme. Each child received either a dragon, knight or castle bag with gold ribbon.  

Flaxten Balloons cleverly incorporated their orange and yellow balloon garland into the theme by emulating dragon’s fire flames. Very creative and visually striking!

Video: The Snug Teepee Event Company / Instagram

7. Kimberley Walsh

Parent’s don’t need a birthday as an excuse to host a luxurious sleepover party. Another trend we are seeing more and more is holiday themed sleepovers. I thought it would be worth including Kimberley’s thrilling Halloween teepee party that she organised for her two sons with this orange and black set up.

Image: Tip Top Teepees / Instagram

The wigwam style tents were set up by Tip Top Teepees and featured pumpkin string lights, colour co-ordinated bunting, cute orange and black cushions, and a skull head prop.

Both of the breakfast trays were filled with a goody bag, black lantern, personalised slippers, and a skull head drinking cup.

Image: Grazing Together / Instagram

The tent display was complemented with orange and black balloon garlands. I loved the symmetry of how they were attached on either side of the tents making it look spooktacular!

Image: Tip Top Teepees / Instagram

The set up also included a personalised selfie frame for the family to take some memorable photographs of their sleepover.

Video: Tip Top Teepees / Instagram

The low level picnic table was positioned at the front of the teepees and filled with a mouth-watering grazing platter by Grazing Together. It perfectly matched the teepee décor with orange, black and touches of purple. The platter sat on a black cobweb runner with various themed props scattered amongst the delicious bites. I know what I’ll be booking next Halloween! 🙂

Image: Kimberley Walsh / Instagram

8. Amanda Holden

Amanda treated her daughter Hollie to her very first sleepover to celebrate her 8th birthday. Perfect Slumber created a ‘magical fairy forest’ set up fit for a fairy princess.

Image: Amanda Holden / Instagram

The individual A-frame teepee’s featured cotton candy pink canopies, decorated with twinkling lights, heart shaped cushions and fluffy pink rugs.

A low level picnic table sat in front of the teepees displaying pink china tea cups and tea pot, with soft cushions scattered on the floor ready for a tea party.

To create an enchanting forest ambience, a fairy woodland sign was set up with directions to ‘pixie meadow’ and ‘majestic falls’. Both the sign and teepees were wrapped in ivy and roses. Tree stump lanterns were placed around the camp, and the picnic table was decorated with an artificial grass runner filled with miniature flowers.

Image: Amanda Holden / Instagram

Some little extras were added to help the children become fairy princesses. Butterfly wings, wand, floral headpiece and personalised goody bags were positioned on each of the beds and mini bottles of fairy dust were sprinkled on the picnic table.

An array of tasty treats were displayed on top of a rustic box including a selection of sweets, popcorn, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Image: Perfect Slumber / Instagram

I especially liked the silky floral dressing gowns and eye masks included in the package as they were different to the usual pink robes usually seen at slumber parties.

Image: Amanda Holden / Instagram

If you have seen a celebrity sleepover party that match the stunning teepee set ups captured in these themes then please let me know, I would love to see them and possibly add them to my list of favourites ❤

You may be interested in another teepee related post of mine ‘Can I Use Trademarked Themes For My Sleepover Teepee Parties?’ which covers popular themes and how you can put your own spin on it without breaking the law. Take a look!

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