Halloween Meets Rockabilly Wedding at Llwyn Country House

Choosing 30th October as their wedding date, Craig and Tasha opted for a spellbinding Halloween wedding that brought out their characters perfectly!

Their wedding was adorned with personal touches. Original, creative and fun… exactly how a wedding should be!

If your wedding is on or near Halloween, you can embrace the holiday and take inspiration from a couple who certainly got it right!

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Take a look at their day for all of the best Halloween wedding ideas – here’s an inside look into one of the most creative weddings I have ever been to.


The couple chose Llwyn Country House for their wedding venue. Tasha always found the venue spooky, frequenting the then-derelict building during her childhood, playing in the rumoured-to-be-haunted grounds.

She even fell through the roof of one of the outbuildings! Even so, she has fond memories and just knew the Victorian house would provide the perfect setting for her Halloween themed wedding.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Although it has undergone a beautiful refurbishment, at the time of their wedding the décor at Llwyn Country House was dated – and that’s exactly why they chose it!

The couple wanted their venue to look like you had stepped into a witches cottage; with a warm and inviting atmosphere, and a Victorian séance glow with styled furnishings to complement their theme.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

They wanted a homely and traditional vibe with hints of an apothecary, so they took full advantage of the amazing period fireplaces.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

They worked with the Victorian character and decorated each fireplace with lotions and potions, spell books, dripping wax and skulls. Both Tasha and her friend Rhiane are artistic so they collaborated; Tasha created the props and Rhiane hand-painted them. I was impressed with the level of detail that went into them.

The red walls at the venue and the stained glass added to the seasonal décor. The French windows overlooking the peaceful garden, worked perfectly in displaying the pumpkin lanterns carved out by the guests.

A small and relaxed wooded area with fallen leaves set the ideal backdrop for guests arriving. Just look at those gorgeous autumnal colours!



Just because a wedding is Halloween themed does not mean the wedding dress has to be a costume. I was so happy to see Tasha stayed traditional; wearing a beautiful vintage lace dress.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

I think everybody expected her to wear a gothic black gown because of the theme, but she stayed true to her bridal vision and looked simply stunning!

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

She walked down the aisle wearing a black velvet cape to an instrumental version of 50’s icon Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love. A subtle nod to a meaningful song Craig had shared with Tasha early on in the relationship.

Guests immediately saw the black cape, so was surprised when they realised she was actually wearing a beautiful 50’s inspired lace wedding dress from Honeypie Boutique. The dress showed a subtle Halloween flair with a red tulle underskirt and a black lace sash.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Tasha loves anything 50’s. She was clearly inspired by the fashion from this era as it was reflected in the makeup, hairstyles and choice of outfits worn by the bridal party.

Tasha’s friend Jess kindly gifted the bridal party with a 1950’s inspired makeover. Her makeup artist captured the vintage beauty trend perfectly with a heavy, flawless yet natural-looking complexion, winged eyeliner and full lips.

Tasha’s friend Tara & Co had recently trained in pin up hair. She created some wonderful styles for both the bride and the maids of honour which fitted perfectly with the 50’s and rockabilly theme.

Tasha’s pin-curl hairstyle was accessorised with a 1950’s style birdcage veil made by Rhapsody by Ceri Baker. As Rhapsody offers hand-made headpieces they were able to sew on the skull detail as well as accessorise the back of her shoes with skulls, beads and other embellishments.


Craig arrived in style – and in keeping with the vintage theme he travelled in a true classic; a red Cadillac hired from Gary Morgan – Live The Dream.

He wore a grey wool morning coat from Slater Menswear and completed his look with a vintage steampunk pocket watch.

Image: Teacups and Glitter
Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Bridal Party

They chose a black and red colour palette as it fit with both Halloween and with the rockabilly fashion.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

The bridesmaids wore red dresses with customised black cardigans featuring a rockabilly ‘love in heart’ sew on patch. The design followed through to their bows which held up their 50’s inspired victory rolls.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

The maids of honour both carried the rockabilly look perfectly with full skirts and T-bar Mary Janes from Banned Retro.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography


Craig and Tasha’s youngest daughter looked adorable wearing a colourful skull print dress from Metallimonsters.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

The twins looked like they easily belonged to a bygone era with their checkerboard Vans from Schuh and skull and crossbones braces. Cuteness overload!


Having a Halloween themed wedding allows you to ask your guests to wear costumes. Although fun, this can get tricky as some guests may not want to participate or you might get one wearing an inappropriate outfit! I personally think this can be tastefully done if you address it as a ‘masquerade ball’.

Craig and Tasha chose not to have a themed dress code, but added a playful touch by offering fun themed masks and props at the photo booth (more on that later).

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography


Tim Burton’s movies and in particular the Corpse Bride clearly influenced the wedding. The love story; a cross over between the human world and the dead was a perfect link for a Halloween wedding! As well as the décor, there was a beautiful connection to the actual vow featured in the movie being used in the ceremony. The couple used this verse:


Tasha and Craig handed out some thoughtful gifts to their parents, bridal party and important loved ones thanking them for their love and support. I particularly liked the gifts given to the two maids of honour.

Image: Natasha Horne / Facebook

They were presented with a gift basket each; full with candles, a red rose, LED bottle lights (to link with potion bottles) and a personalised initial cushion with fitting friendship poems on each:

We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

Dr. Seuss
Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “me too!” be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.

a.j. downey


The cake was the magical piece in the wedding as it tied everything together. It had skulls, potions, steampunk elements, red roses and the spell book from Hocus Pocus (one of Tasha’s favourite Halloween movies). I love the details on the skulls head toppers – Craig’s beard and Tasha’s bird cage veil were cleverly depicted.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Scrum Diddly, a local cake maker created a work of art for the couple and captured their vision perfectly! The middle and top tier of the cake weren’t edible and are now kept in their living room as decorative keepsakes from their wedding day. The Hocus Pocus book on the bottom tier was edible as well as the skull toppers. The couple skipped the cutting of the cake and opted for a bite instead! The ‘his and her’ skulls were especially made for the couple to bite into; with the insides coloured a ghoulish red and green.

Table Decor

One of Tasha’s favourite DIY projects was creating the ‘resting places’ table seating plan. Guests had to search through mini vessels to find their name. Once they found their vessel they found their chosen poison – which named the table they were sat at.

The level of detail in each of the table centrepieces amazed me! Each of the five tables made clever use of themed accessories creating a dramatic, slightly gothic atmosphere to the room.

1. Love the Bones of You

The top table ‘love the bones of you’ was a link to the Corpse Bride – a love story with skeletons. So the bride and groom sat at the table decorated with ‘his and her’ skulls based on the union of two souls.

2. Twist the Bones and Bend the Back

This table was inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus. The cauldron, ladle and spell book were used to set the scene where the three witches cast a spell to turn Thackery Binx into a cat. In the movie they recite the words ‘twist the bones and bend the back’.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography
Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

3. What’s your Poison?

This table was accessorised with bottles of poison, a spell book, and poison apple prop. The idea came from tragic loves stories such as Romeo and Juliet who came to a poisonous end, and the poison apple from Snow White where the the only cure was love’s first kiss.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography
Image: Teacups and Glitter

4. I Put a Spell on You!

This table was inspired by Tasha’s very own personal spell book. The table was accessorised with the ingredients for a true love spell. The question is, did Tasha cast a spell on Craig!?

5. All Hail Goblins and Ghouls!

The kids table ‘all hail goblins and ghouls’ was a spooky pun on comparing the children to little monsters 😀 This table was accessorised with lots of fun pieces to keep the kids entertained.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography
Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Guest Book

The traditional guest book had a haunting twist to it. It definitely fit perfectly with the Halloween theme – guests were asked to write messages and well wishes onto tags and then hang them onto a black tree. A creative reference to the hanging of witches.

Image: Teacups and Glitter


Lilith In Bloom Photography was recommended to Tasha from a friend who had previously done alternative and 50’s style shoots with the photographer. They thought she would be a good creative match with the couple. Craig and Tasha met with her and spotted her Labyrinth tattoo. There was an instant connection from then on. When she came up with a crystal ball photo idea she was instantly booked!

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Photo Booth

Another one of Tasha’s favourite DIY projects was creating a spooktacular photo booth (or kill booth as people like to call them for Halloween). She had some amazing help from her friend Rhiane who again, wowed us again with her painting skills on the masquerade masks, selfie sticks and the ‘head in the hole’ painting of the couple.

Photo booths work great at weddings… and at Halloween they really shine!

In the age of selfies and Instagram, what’s a party without a place to take great photos? It’s an easy way to encourage guests to mingle, get creative, and photograph their memories. The effort and attention to detail with this photo booth was outstanding!

First Dance

The couples first dance was one of my favourite parts of the evening. They looked so happy surrounded by their guests who held pumpkin lanterns. A beautiful intimate moment to be part of.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Craig chose a song that would be perfect for their first dance; Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. It fit perfectly with the theme and felt personal to them both because musician James Hetfield originally wrote the song whilst on tour in dedication to his wife. No matter where they were or what life threw at them – nothing else mattered but them.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

Everyone wants something a little bit different at their wedding, something unique that’s never been done before; and a Halloween themed wedding is enough to be just that!

Your wedding is a time to express your love for each other, and an opportunity to throw a party that represents you as a couple. Craig and Tasha’s Halloween and rockabilly themed wedding was perfect for them in every way.

Image: Lilith In Bloom Photography

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