Peter Rabbit (Blue)

Peter Rabbit is such a classic story which I’m sure was part of all our childhood’s – so it’s wonderful to see it used as a baby shower party theme.

You can hire a wonderful collection of Peter Rabbit themed party props from Teacups and Glitter. This set-up package has just the right amount of vintage blue hues and rustic accessories to make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the vegetable patch of Mr McGregor’s garden! 

Peter Rabbit Package

Fully Decorated Dessert Table

Table Centrepieces 

Fabric Bunting 

Welcome Drinks

Vintage Wooden Ladder

Rustic Photo Backdrop  

Sweet Treats Table


Activities & Games


Dessert Table

A light, yet rustic look – the dessert table truly captures the traditional outdoors image created in the classic Beatrix Potter’s A Tale of Peter Rabbit. The main cake stands tall on a wooden box crate; surrounded by rustic themed items. Various white and glass platters, cake stands and bowls allow you to fill the dessert table with an array of delicious treats. A white polyester tablecloth is supplied with a wide piece of light blue gingham table runner.     

Table Centrepieces

Making a focal point to the guests dining tables – the four table centrepieces stand tall on rustic wooden hearts. Glass bottles are tied with white lace ribbon which holds bunches of artificial lavender flowers. Terracotta plant pots are filled with pine cones and mini chalkboards stating ‘no rabbits allowed’ and are positioned beside white miniature watering cans tied with blue gingham ribbon.   

Fabric Bunting 

Decorate the venue or the tables with 70ft of hand made fabric bunting garlands. Made with a combination of different vintage prints and styles in white and blue hues. 

Welcome Drinks

A rustic wooden frame with a ‘welcome to my baby shower’ poster welcomes guests as they are greeted with vintage style glass jam jars tied with light blue gingham ribbon and paper straws.

Vintage Wooden Ladder

A distressed painted white wooden ladder decorated with Peter Rabbit themed props and 3D wood effect lettering. Alternatively it makes a great memory corner to feature family pictures or the baby’s scan photo

Rustic Photo Backdrop 

A wooden backdrop frame with white luxury voil and leafy garlands to take memorable photographs of family and friends.  Chalkboards can be added to give that personalised vintage touch.   

Sweet Treats Table

A rustic wooden frame with a ‘sweet treats’ poster thanking guests for coming as they are treated to party favours held in two wicker baskets covered in leafy greens. 


An exciting ice breaker game which can involve dad-to-be. Designed to break the ice and get the party started.  

Choose any FOUR games and activities from the list below:

Activity: Wishing Tree

A beautiful wishing tree is the perfect alternative guest book for your special occasion and stands tall in Mr McGregor’s garden. Each guest fills out a hand written tag which is displayed in a miniature garden wheel barrow. The branches are filled with well wishes and signed by every guest; treasured as a keepsake for years to come. 

 Activity: Baby Bucket List

Baby’s first year will no doubt fly-by so what better way than for friends and family to come up with creative ideas on things to do in baby’s first year. It can be a reminder to open a savings account, take a trip to where Mummy and Daddy first met or hav a family photo with everybody looking! Something thoughtful, fun or what simply makes sense! The cards are filled out with ideas, activities or tips – anything that creates a lasting memory.

Activity: Name Suggestions

Each and every baby deserves a special name so it’s always difficult choosing the right one. Miniature heart chalk boards are filled out with name suggestions to inspire mum-to-be. You never know – one of the suggestions may just get picked!

Game: Celebrity Babies

A fun game of guess who. A gallery of celebrity baby pictures are hung onto washing lines with miniature pegs. Each guest has to guess the celebrity babies.

Game: What’s In The Bag? 

Paper bags sealed with letters on each bag spell out the word ‘baby shower’. Not only a rustic themed decorative piece for the baby shower but also a fun game for guests to guess the baby related item in each bag.

Game: What’s For Dinner? 

A funny game watching guests reactions as they do the taste test. A mixture of sweet and savoury baby foods is set out for your guests to guess what’s for dinner.

Game: Count The Bunny Tails 

A cute guessing game which perfectly links to a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower. A clear glass jar is filled with cotton balls and guests are asked to guess how many bunny tails are inside.

Game: Quiz 

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Three rounds, one winner! Baby animals, baby general knowledge, and mum-to-be’s pregnancy. Watch your guests get extremely competitive over the baby shower trivia and ooh and aah over the personalised pregnancy related questions and answers. A perfect way to close the shower.

Don’t forget these set-ups can be used for your little one’s birthday party or christening.


Rustic themed naked cake

Peter Rabbit themed sweet cones

Peter Rabbit themed ‘about to pop’ popcorn cones

Peter Rabbit themed mini sweet bags

Peter Rabbit themed party bags

Blue themed mum-to-be gift hamper

Blue themed prizes (for baby shower games)