Make a Friends Inspired ‘Crap Bag’ Gift

Since its debut in 1994, Friends remains one of the most popular sitcoms in the world!  Friends is continuously on our TV and my other half declares he’s the biggest fan!

He claims he knows more about Friends than most, and annoyingly I have to agree – yes, he is THAT person, you know the type who recites every line word for word! On a more practical note I use his in-depth knowledge to win prizes at Friends trivia quizzes 🙂

Wrapped up gifts in Friends theme
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I tasked myself with finding my Friends obsessed man a gift he would love; so I decided I would create something special, something that can’t just be bought. I created my very own ‘crap bag’ full of carefully disguised parcels and put his knowledge to the test! It cost just under £100.00 to put together, including wrapping. This would have been a lot lower but I decided to splash out on one particular gift which was £70.00 alone.

I wrapped each of his gifts along with clues in the theme of Monica’s apartment door – a lilac hue with a yellow spy hole frame.

The One With Mrs Ross and Mr Rachel

I chose a casino style slot machine and money box to link to the classic Season 5 episodes, where the gang head to Las Vegas to visit Joey on the set of his movie. The finale ends with a very drunk, and very married Rachel and Ross!

The One With The Joey Special

I chose two miniature novelty pizzas made out of jelly sweets to link to Joey’s eating habits of ordering two pizzas. If you recall, Joey mentions it during a conversation with Phoebe in Season 4 when he’s in London feeling homesick. The ‘Joey Special’ is referenced again in Season 6 when Chandler forgets to pass on an important message about an audition… so he comes home with a peace offering.

The One Where Later Is Not Good Enough

This one is quite difficult to guess and is a Season 5 reference to Ross’ struggle to decide whether or not to stay friends with Rachel at the request of Emily. He desperately leaves the decision to a Magic 8 ball, which turns out to be unhelpful. He keeps reading the message ‘ask again later’. But later is not good enough!

The One With The Claws

There’s a lobster out there for everyone according to Phoebe. I chose a keyring with ‘you’re my lobster’ engraved as a special nod to one of my favourite episodes from the show – Monica and Rachel’s prom video. In Season 2, Phoebe explains that lobsters are destined to find their soul mate, they are the most devoted and loyal species on the planet and Ross, is in fact Rachel’s lobster! Ahhh ❤

It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank, holding claws.

Phoebe Buffay

The One With Chuck or Dick

I chose these farm animal erasers as a gift, as we have all come to love the chick and duck owned by Chandler and Joey. Throughout the show we see the recurring joke of them both treating the animals like their very own children! The clue refers to a conversation in Season 3; where Joey and Chandler were discussing what if the chick and duck had a baby what would they call it. Joey suggested ‘we could call it Chuck!’, Chandler responded with ‘or Dick!’.

The One With All The Chocolate You Want

The shape of this present gives this one away! I chose a Toblerone chocolate bar (albeit not a gigantic one) because Joey’s obsession with Emily’s duty free purchase always made me laugh in Season 4. After obsessively staring at the chocolate bar, Joey couldn’t resist and interrupted Emily’s phone conversation with Ross to which she impatiently replied ‘Yes, Joey, you can have all the chocolate you want, just take it’.

The One Where It’s All Relative

I love a quiz as much as the next person, so thought it would be a fun link to include the famous trivia quiz that forced Monica and Rachel to give up their apartment in Season 4. I typed up all of the questions and answers including the ‘it’s all relative’ category for my other half to play. And no, he didn’t answer transpondster! 🙂

If you didn’t want to create a DIY quiz, then Argos and Smyths Toys both stock Friends: The One with the Apartment Bet game based on the show which includes the four different categories and a super-fast lightening round!

The One At The Coffee House

Central Perk became a character of its very own so I just knew I had to include it in the crap bag somehow. I intended wrapping up some coffee mugs but then I realised Lego recreated the coffee house, packed with authentic details to celebrate the shows 25th anniversary! A perfect gift for a Friends fanatic and a Lego fan. Two birds with one stone!

Finally; here’s a little fun fact about the Season 10 finale. The set of Central Perk was actually torn down so that the crew could build the airport where Ross and Rachel say goodbye in the final episode. So, in the final scene, when Rachel asks if they want to get one last coffee, and Chandler asks ‘Where?’ this was actually sincere, since there was nowhere for them to go!

Friends finale scene
Image: Warner Bros

I hope I have inspired you to make your own ‘crap bag’ for your very own lobster!

You may be interested in reading my other Friends blog post – How to Host a Friends Themed Party in 8 Easy Steps. And I of course included cups and ice! 🙂

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