5 DIY Superhero Bedroom Decor Ideas

Whether it’s Superman, Ironman, Hulk or Captain America that’s a favourite; these 5 do it yourself décor ideas are perfect for a superhero-mad little one! Jackson has a new favourite superhero every week so we thought it would be best not to focus on just one character. We created a superhero haven, even making Dad jealous!

Image: Teacups and Glitter

1. Feature Wall

We decided on having a statement wall and found this retro comic style wallpaper which we hung behind the TV. The wallpaper has a bright and bold print creating a striking effect.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We loved the wallpaper print and wanted to carry it throughout the bedroom. We cut out individual comic covers from the wallpaper and simply framed them with white gloss picture frames.

We also covered some 3D letters from the wallpaper, painted the sides of the letters in bright red paint and spelt out Jackson’s name. He loved the personalisation!

2. Storage Boxes

Image: Teacups and Glitter

Boys have so many toys; lots of little cars, guns, Lego, dinosaurs etc. We needed some storage to keep all of his bits and bobs organised. We already had the white gloss shelving unit so decided to design our own storage boxes to fit inside.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We purchased four brightly coloured storage boxes which are perfect for children, as they’re made from canvas and are light enough for them to pull out their toys with ease… and put them away more importantly! 😉

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We found some superhero logo stencils on the internet and printed them out. We then outlined the logos onto felt sheets and cut them out. We used fabric glue to attach the felt logos and they fixed pretty well. I loved the way the logos turned out; Superman is my favourite.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

3. Hero-Up

Image: Teacups and Glitter

Jackson absolutely loves wearing his superhero costumes; sometimes one over the other! We decided on making this ‘Hero-Up’ changing corner where his outfits can hang up on display.

It was actually his favourite feature of the whole room, so I would definitely recommend including this in the corner of their bedroom!

It was simple to make; we used two white coat racks, a large vinyl ‘Hero-Up’ sticker which we pasted above the hooks and added two framed pictures using the comic design from the feature wallpaper.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

4. Up-cycled Furniture

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We already had two pine chest of drawers which were a mismatch to the rest of the furniture in his bedroom. We decided to up-cycle them rather than buy new furniture; so we painted the outside of the cupboards in white gloss to match the white gloss TV table and storage unit.

Each drawer was painted in bright and bold colours with contrasting drawer knobs.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We came across superhero logo stickers that fit perfectly in the centre of each drawer.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

The chest of drawers are eye catching and sit perfectly amongst all of his other superhero décor.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

5. Accessories

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We didn’t need to purchase many accessories as he already had superhero themed toys, books and costumes. We did buy some finishing touches such as his matching bedding for his bunk beds, a matching lamp shade, bold red curtains and a striking Captain America rug which set the room off in style!

We set up three night lights mounted on the wall on the top bunk bed.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

Each night light came with a vinyl wall crack giving it a realist 3D effect…

This is another of Jackson’s favourites so worth doing as its great decor and is comforting for a child whilst falling asleep.

The effort was worth it just to see his smile. I would urge you to decorate your little superheroes bedroom even if you’re on a budget! Most of these ideas are inexpensive or can be bought second hand to keep costs down.

I’d love to see all of your superhero DIY projects! Leave a comment…

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