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A Year of Dates – A Quirky Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas or Valentines Gift Idea

Forget expensive perfume and jewellery – it’s all about spending quality time with each other and building lasting memories.

The idea behind a ‘Year of Dates’ is a personalised gift from one person to another with a pre-planned date each month for the year ahead: 12 months of date nights! A perfect gift idea to give for Valentine’s, a wedding, a special anniversary or Christmas. Everyone should date more! Don’t stop dating… don’t stop going on adventures!

Year of Dates photo album gift
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I absolutely love photographs – I cherish them, so it was fitting that I made a completely personalised ‘Year of Dates’ photo album which will eventually be filled with polaroid prints from each of the dates we go on.

Year of Dates photo album gift - inside cover
Image: Teacups and Glitter

You can always copy this idea or switch it up and use a date jar with concealed envelopes, or make a gift hamper featuring trinkets and date instructions.

Image: Jonny’s Sister

Apologies if the wording on the cover of my photo album offends you. I bought a personalised key ring as a gift just before New Year’s Eve which I had stamped ‘This Year Will Be Fucking Amazing’ as a small positive reminder for the year ahead and wanted to link the two gifts together.

Personalised keyring
Image: Various Key Tags

There are several companies out there selling this idea with mapped out date suggestions; don’t get me wrong… I think it would be great to give as a gift to a couple getting married. But let’s be honest – the date ideas will be generic and won’t always match you as a couple. If you are giving to your partner as a gift then you know them really well right? So you have the opportunity of getting really creative and designing a fun filled year for you both tailored to exactly what you are both interested in! That’s why making your own is of course the best option!

I limited to one date a month because some dates were expensive and sometimes meant going away for the weekend. You can always change this to one a week or maybe two a month (one date night at home and one date night out), you can even include free attractions to keep the costs down – whatever suits your time and budget.

If you would like to make your own ‘Year of Dates’ photo album then here’s how

Year of Dates gift - materials
Image: Teacups and Glitter


  • Black spiral bound scrapbook
  • Alphabet stamp set
  • Silver ink pad
  • Ruler
  • Silver metallic pen
  • Silver alphabet letter and number stickers
  • Polaroid prints
  • Glue dots


For the front cover I used the silver alphabet letter stickers to write out a personalised title and added a polaroid picture of our favourite date but you can always put ‘Year of Dates’ or add your own title.

Year of Dates photo album gift
Image: Teacups and Glitter

On the inside cover I used silver number stickers to write out #2019 and added another two polaroid prints.

Year of Dates photo album gift - inside cover
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I completed the inside cover with a message written in silver metallic pen and used a ruler so my handwriting was straight.

Year of Dates photo album gift - inside cover
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I headed up every other page with the month and added a personalised note on what was planned. I used the silver ink pad and alphabet stamper set however it wasn’t bright enough so I outlined each letter with the silver metallic pen.

Year of Dates photo album gift - August
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Now this is the tricky bit… trying to plan out each date for a whole year! Work out a budget and start brainstorming ideas.

I would recommend including dates where you visit somewhere new or try something you’ve never done together to add to the excitement – because 12 dinner dates may not sound that appealing?

Year of Dates photo album gift
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I googled events throughout the year to see what would be of interest and added them into the appropriate month. You can balance out expensive dates with a movie night in which will be relatively cheap or keep the costs down by visiting a free museum or art gallery.

Below, is a full list of my ‘Year of Dates’ to give you some ideas and inspiration…

I started off with February as it was given as a Valentine’s gift.


Year of Dates photo album gift - February
Image: Teacups and Glitter

The most romantic month of the year! We’ll be staying in a secluded luxury lodge. Soaking in a beautiful hot tub, gazing at the stars with only the lake in front of us.


Year of Dates photo album gift - March
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Put your fat pants on ‘cos we’ll finally take that drive to Cardiff to enjoy a steakout experience! Heading home we’ll check out the art of coin making #beefingup #makingmoney


Year of Dates photo album gift - April
Image: Teacups and Glitter

This year marks 40 years since UB40 first performed live. We’ll see the legendary Ali Campbell and reggae band perform all of their greatest hits.


Year of Dates photo album gift - May
Image: Teacups and Glitter

We deserve to treat ourselves to a relaxing spa day. We’ll have a chance to be pampered with a massage, relax and unwind in the sauna and jacuzzi, and indulge in some delicious cakes.


Year of Dates photo album gift - June
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Because of your obsession with motor sport we’ll be watching an action packed show, displays and seeing iconic cars and star drivers at Superprix of Wales.


Year of Dates photo album gift - July
Image: Teacups and Glitter

We’ll be spending a Summer’s afternoon in Sosban; a Michelin-listed restaurant where we will sample a six-course tasting menu.


Year of Dates photo album gift - August
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Love can be a rollercoaster so we are going on a thrill-seeking date to a theme park – to mimic us… either having fun and laughter or screaming in horror! 🙂


Year of Dates photo album gift - September
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Now that the weather has cooled off let’s go to Longleat Safari Park – pick a weekend that works for you!


Year of Dates photo album gift - October
Image: Teacups and Glitter

It’s hallows eve, it’s dark, and it’s terrifying; so what better way than to go on a ghost hunt at Margam Castle.


Year of Dates photo album gift - November
Image: Teacups and Glitter

It’s getting cold out there so a movie night in filled with cwtches and popcorn! Your choice of film of course.


Year of Dates photo album gift - December
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Last New Year’s Eve was perfect! This year I want the London boy in my arms; whilst standing in the Capital when the clock strikes twelve. Here’s to another year!!!

I left blank pages at the back of the photo album to allow for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, summer holidays and Christmas.

Fasten it up with a ribbon, pop it in a gift bag and you’re ready to gift it to a loved one!

I would love to see what everyone else is doing for their Year of Dates – please comment with your date ideas. Follow my blog here

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