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Things To Do And Days Out In Swansea

I have some adorable nieces and nephews. When I get to spend a day with them, I try to make the most of it.

Image: Teacups and Glitter

I do not want to see them on their tablets or phones. I want to use our rare day out together, building memories.

I planned a chasing waterfalls kind of day. Our wellies and raincoats were packed, so off we went!

Image: Teacups and Glitter

We started with a picnic. It was a quirky dining experience in Swansea. As we walked into The Picnic Bench I immediately felt relaxed because it was casual. I had two kids in tow who were loud and fidgety, so it made me feel comfortable.  

Welcome Sign at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I liked a lot of the special little touches. The wall of pastel prints was a favourite! It reminded me of 1950s America and the colour trends of pastel pink, mint green and pale blue retro palette.

Pastel Photo Collage at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I especially liked the Eat cake. It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere quote and thought this is my kind of place!

Pastel Photo collage at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

They used the chalkboard as a feature wall. The word hello was written in different languages, which linked to each of their themed picnic benches. As the chalkboard went to the floor, children could write messages or play games.

Chalkboard at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Another thing I liked was how they pinned polaroid’s of customers who had previously dined there. We sat for our retro photograph that got immediately pinned to the wall.

I was beginning to notice a miniature theme – the polaroid photos, the picnic benches, the salt and pepper cellars, and the milk bottles – it was all too cute.

The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

The kids’ menu offered two different picnic bench options. The first one had cod cubes, baked beans or peas and a cheese sandwich on the bottom; fries, a fruit pot, chocolate cookie, mini cupcake and a milkshake on the top.

Kids Food Bench at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

The second option had meatballs in tomato sauce, mini cheese and tomato pizzas and fries on the bottom; jelly and ice cream, a fruit pot, mini cupcake and a milkshake on top.

Both sounded delicious. I think the sound of pizza and jelly and ice cream sold it to the kids – they both chose the latter.

Mini Cupcake at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Adults were spoiled-for-choice! Each picnic bench offered a different theme. You could choose from Italian, American, Mexican, Vegetarian, British and of course Welsh! I love that they included a very patriotic bench on their menu called Welsh Dragon.

Different Food Benches at the The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I chose the American Dream – a classic cheeseburger, hot dog, fries and onion rings on the bottom. BBQ wings, cheesecake, apple pie, mini cupcake and milkshake on the top tier.

Kids Food Bench at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Our meals came on mini wooden picnic benches. As soon as the kids caught sight, they squealed with excitement, and their eyes were as big as saucers. That was a special moment.

Kids at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter
Kids at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

Our picnic was an experience in itself, and it certainly made mealtime fun.

The kids loved it and even said so on their mini feedback form.

Feedback Form at The Picnic Bench
Image: Teacups and Glitter

We had full bellies, so it was time to go chasing waterfalls.

Four Falls Walk Sign, Brecon
Image: Teacups and Glitter

I drove about 45 minutes to a part of Wales known as Waterfall Country. Sounds magical already, right?

Waterfall Country is in Brecon Beacons National Park, where several waterfalls are close together. It generally includes: 

  • Four Falls Trail
  • Henrhyd Falls
  • Melin Court Falls
  • Aberdulais Falls
Four Falls Walk, Brecon
Image: Teacups and Glitter

We visited the Four Falls Trail and parked at Gwaun Hepste (CF44 9JF) near Ystradfellte. We used this postcode as I have heard plenty of people getting lost using other ones.

There had been a few days of rain, so we changed into our wellies and raincoats and set off to discover some of the most stunning waterfalls in Wales.

Four Falls Walk Sign, Brecon
Image: Teacups and Glitter

There is something magical about waterfalls. Watching the power of the water plunge off a rocky ledge somehow relaxes me. I love the smell of the forest, I love the roaring sound of the water, and I love admiring its beauty. Yes, I LOVE waterfalls.

Four Falls Walk, Brecon
Four Falls Walk
Image: Visit Wales

I read somewhere that there is a scientific reason why we love waterfalls. Something to do with rushing water giving off negative energy – which weirdly gives us positive energy!? It is one of the reasons why we feel great after a shower.

So here I was, sharing my love of waterfalls with the tiny people in my life.

Sgwd Clun-Gwyn Waterfall, Brecon
Sgwd Clun-Gwyn
Image: BCH Camping

As we approached our first waterfall, Sgwd Clun-Gwyn (fall of the white meadow), we could hear the thundering roar before we saw it. There was a rocky viewing point to admire the dramatic waterfall. A few daredevils walked dangerously onto the cliff ledge at the top. The kids asked if they could do the same – hell no! 

Sgwd-yr-Eira Waterfall, Brecon
Image: Visit Wales

The second waterfall – my absolute favourite did not disappoint! Because it had rained for a few days prior, Sgwd-yr-Eira (fall of snow) looked spectacular. This particular waterfall can get crowded, but we were lucky enough to enjoy it on our own.

We followed the rocky path that led right behind the curtain of water gushing down. As we stood behind the waterfall, it felt intensely powerful! The spray completely drenched us. I could hear the kids shriek with laughter. They howled “it was so worth it!” (referring to the long walk) as they got soaked again and again. 

We only visited two out of the four waterfalls on the trail.

The kids did not mention that they were missing their screen time once, and we all made some special unforgettable memories.

I would love to return in winter and hopefully see the ground covered in snow and see glistening icicles form over the rocky cliff ledges.

Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either, “I wish I had,” or “I’m glad I did.”

Zig Ziglar

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